03.25.22 Family Letter

Gary Beidleman, Principal
Nathalie De La Mota, Assistant Principal, Academy of Excellence
Leah Dyer, Assistant Principal, Pace Academy
Courtney Ware, Assistant Principal, Spectrum Academy
Dana Dade, President, JHS 118 Parent Association
Jessica Rolon, Secretary, JHS 118 Parent Association
Carrie Rivera, Treasurer, JHS 118 Parent Association

Dear JHS 118 Community,

On Monday, March 28th, we will recognize students whose first semester academic achievement earned them a place on the Principal’s Honor Roll. Students on the Principal’s Honor Roll have earned a cumulative average of 90%. These students did not receive a grade below 90% in a course for the first semester. I welcome families to attend this event with their child. The program begins at 11 am with lunch immediately following. 

We will also recognize those students with perfect attendance for the first semester. There is extensive research that identifies attendance as an important factor for a student’s academic success or academic achievement. We want to recognize those students who were able to attend school while also remembering the challenges all students faced.    

Principal’s Honor RollCumulative 90% AverageNo mark below a 90% for the second marking period
Honor RollCumulative 90% Average or Higher No mark below a 65% for the second marking period
Honor Roll prerequisites

NYSED ELA Testing Schedule

All students will take the New York State Department of Education (NYSED) ELA examination beginning March 29th. Our students will take the state’s Computer Based version of this assessment. Throughout this school year, students have been using the tools and practicing skills necessary for success on these exams.

Students in each grade will sit for the exam over two days. On the day of their tests, it is important that all students arrive at school on time (before 8 am). Students should eat a good breakfast in the morning. Breakfast is available to all J.H.S. 118 students in our cafeteria each day beginning at 7 am. Student cellular phones and smart watches are not permitted in the testing room. I also ask that you closely monitor your child’s bedtime over the next several weeks. We need every student to have a good night’s sleep leading up to their test day. 

Part IPart II
6th Grade ELA ExamTuesday, March 29th @ 8 amWednesday, March 30th @ 8 am
7th Grade ELA ExamThursday, March 31st @ 8 amFriday, April 1st @ 8 am
8th Grade ELA ExamMonday, April 4th @ 8 amTuesday, April 5th @ 8 am
2022 NYSED ELA Exam Schedule, JHS118

Attendance and Lateness

The school’s main entrance opens daily at 7:00 am for students arriving for tutoring or breakfast and those students who like to get to school early. All students should arrive at school and enter the building no later than 8:00 am. All entrances are open at 7:45 am, Exit 10 – 6th Grade, Exit 1 – 7th Grade, and Exit 2 – 8th Grade. Students must be in their assigned first period class ready for instruction at 8:05 am. I ask that you contact the school before 8:30 AM, by phone (718) 584-2330 or email [email protected], to alert our team if your child will be absent from school. We look forward to the warmer Spring months and closing out the school year with all students feeling that they have had a successful school year.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns (718) 584-2330 or [email protected].

Ms. Nathalie De La Mota, Academy of Excellence, [email protected],

Ms. Leah Dyer, Pace Academy, [email protected], and 

Ms. Courtney Ware, Spectrum Academy, [email protected].




Gary Beidleman, Principal

William W. Niles School – JHS 118

Pace Academy, Spectrum Academy, and Academy of Excellence