06.30.22 Family Letter

Gary Beidleman, Principal
Nathalie De La Mota, Assistant Principal, Academy of Excellence
Leah Dyer, Assistant Principal, Pace Academy
Courtney Ware, Assistant Principal, Spectrum Academy
Dana Dade, President, JHS 118 Parent Association
Jessica Rolon, Secretary, JHS 118 Parent Association
Carrie Rivera, Treasurer, JHS 118 Parent Association

Dear JHS 118 Community,

For three years I have proudly served as the principal of J.H.S. 118 with every intention to spend the next several years serving our community in this role. Over the past few months, I was an active participant in the NYCDOE’s superintendent’s interviewing process. It was incredibly rigorous that included town hall meetings with community members and interviews with district stakeholders.  On Monday, June 27th, Chancellor David Banks named me acting Superintendent for Manhattan High Schools.  

This announcement is bittersweet. I have truly enjoyed my time working with the students, families, and staff at J.H.S. 118. I do not believe my departure will in any way affect the great work that has been happening in our school community. Our teachers and staff remain dedicated and will continue creating the rigorous conditions in every classroom that result in all students experiencing academic success.

It is my hope that during my time at J.H.S. 118, all students were able to meet their individual academic and social emotional goals. I wish each of you all the best and am very excited about this next step for J.H.S. 118. You are in great hands. I look forward to visits with our J.H.S. 118 graduates who attend one of my Manhattan High Schools.    

Throughout the summer months, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns via email [email protected]. School administrators and guidance counselors will be housed at MS 391, July 5 – August 14 for summer school. 



Gary Beidleman, Principal

William W. Niles School – JHS 118

Pace Academy, Spectrum Academy, and Academy of Excellence