MS 118 students arrive as 6th graders from different elementary schools, neighborhoods and family backgrounds. At MS 118, we value those differences and support students with the transition to middle school and all the changes that come with the pre-teen and early teen years. Three years later, those same students are ready for the challenges of high school, college and career because of the education and experiences they enjoyed while at MS 118.

We ensure our students’ academic and social development in the following ways:

* Rigorous academics with supports to ensure all students achieve.
* Partnerships with families to help students succeed.
* Cultural diversity is valued and celebrated school wide.
* Experienced counseling team supports students social-emotional growth and assists in the high school application process.
* Exposure to a variety of enrichment opportunities to introduce students to the world beyond MS 118.
* Celebrations to reward academic achievement, effort and positive behavior.
* Appropriate access to technology in school so that our students are ready for the future


The mission of the William W. Niles School (MS 118) is to empower every child to achieve a bright future as an individual and as a member of our nation and the world. We partner with young people and their families to support their development into thoughtful, informed, caring and productive adults. The values of hard work, personal responsibility and compassion are the foundation of our community of learners and leaders.