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Pace Academy is for students who are ready to be challenged in all subjects. Pace Academy students start preparing for high school as soon as they arrive in 6th grade. Then as 8th graders, Pace Academy students take three Regents exams (Algebra, Living Environment and US History), ensuring a pathway to college. Pace Academy also expand their opportunities by taking Mandarin Chinese as 8th graders.
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Spectrum Academy is for students who are already excelling in some subjects. Spectrum Academy provides rigorous instruction in a nurturing environment that ensures academic success in all subjects. Spectrum Academy students are also challenged to take at least two Regents exams in 8th grade (some students take three as well as Mandarin Chinese).
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The Academy of Excellence educates a diverse population of learners in customized learning environments, including general education, special education (Integrated Co-Teaching and small class), and English as a New Language (transitional bilingual and bilingual special education as well as English as a New Language models). Students who excel may have the opportunity to move to a different academy and take one or more Regents exams.


JHS 118 houses three academically-focused academies to meet the diverse needs of middle school students: The Honors Academies at MS 118: Pace, Spectrum and the Academy of Excellence. This design allows staff and students to benefit from the advantages of smaller learning communities inside a larger building.

As a large school, we are able to offer more types of electives, enrichment, and major partnerships that support college and career readiness. Because we have smaller academies, we are able to offer a personalized experience for all students with teacher teams, an Advisory program, a variety of celebrations and parent engagement activities, and dedicated teachers and counselors who connect personally with their students.


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